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Below are vendors that we highly recommend taking advantage of, if your budget allows for it.

Whether it’s having your fur babies attend your intimate wedding or having a live painter capture something beautifully unique, we have teamed up with the below vendors to maximise the happiness for you on your special day!

Guest of Honour Pet Chaperones

Having your fur baby (or babies) at your special day is a must!

Who better than to chaperone your special ones than the amazing team at Guest of Honour Pet Chaperones! They provide the ultimate care and are such a bloody delight to work with!

Art by Grace

After something unique, that will blow you away? Why not have a live painter capture your special elopement?

You will be blown away by Grace’s attention to detail and how perfectly she paints your special day.

Thomas Coen Jewellery

A lot of people don’t realise this, but getting your wedding rings and bands custom made is more affordable than you think!

Having a custodian (who was also married by Pat) custom make your jewellery, will ensure it’s one of a kind and Thomas’ craftmanship is out of this world!

A & V Europe Modes Tailoring

Having a custom made suit will ensure that it adapts to your body and hugs you in all the right areas.

One can’t underestimate the power of a quality suit that fits you perfectly.

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