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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we customise our ceremony/vows?

Yes! This is something that is so important, we want your vows and ceremony to reflect you and your relationship. Your celebrant will help you create the perfect script and provide prompts to create your specialised vows.

Can we have additional people?

All package pricing is based on numbers up to 40 people. We can only go up to 60 for intimate weddings and will need to adjust your pricing for catering if you choose to increase numbers .

How do I book?

Simply book online. Choose your preferred date (only offered on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays), then you can book and pay online. Once it’s locked in one of our friendly team will reach out to start the planning process and book in your first celebrant consultation.

Can my package be customised?

We’re trying to keep our packages to low price for clients without skimping on the quality. This means you won’t be able to customise the styling or format of the event. You’ll receive flowers that are in season and timeless simple styling creating a picture perfect backdrop to your special day.

Can I choose my vendors?

When you book your package with CIW, we’ll make sure you receive the best quality vendors. We’ll reach out to our team and book the vendors who are able to facilitate your date and time based on their schedule. This means that we’ll do all the work in the background for you and you won’t have to do a thing!

Can I choose my location?

We have a range of lovely locations, and we’ll provide you with our secret exclusive list of options once you book with us. We’ll let you know which ones are available on your date that you have to choose from.

Wet weather

If your location is outdoors, we’ll make the call 2 days out from the wedding if it is safe to go ahead with an outdoor location or if we need to book an indoor option. We’ll make sure it’s beautiful and whilst we can’t give you options to choose (because it’s oh so last minute), we promise it will look amazing and be the perfect atmosphere on your day. To give you an idea, previously we’ve used art galleries and small halls and function spaces to name a few.

Floral delivery

Your flowers will be made available at the ceremony. 

We have number of packages available

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